Iran has started a Sunni-Shia war that will be very difficult to end.

Using the Karbala incident, which took place on October 10, 680, and was the source of great sadness and pain, for its political interests, Iran started the Sunni-Shia war that lasted for centuries and still continues.

Iran, which considers itself an Islamic state, stands out as one of the leading Muslim killers of the 21st century by massacring Muslims in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Lebanon.

For years, Iran has caused the death of hundreds of thousands of Muslims either directly as a state or through proxy wars under its control.

Iran has recently carried out all kinds of inhumane activities for the sake of its political ambitions, especially in Syria. For example, civilians blockaded by regime forces in Aleppo, Syria, were massacred by Iranian-backed militias.

Unfortunately, Iran has killed more civilians in Syria than the occupier and murderer Israel killed in Gaza.

The terrorist State of Israel carried out an air attack on the Iranian consulate in Damascus, the capital of Syria, on April 1 and killed seven Iranian officials, including two generals.

In response, Iran launches a drone and missile attack on Israel! found.

Before launching this attack, Iran informed Russia, the USA and therefore Israel. He also officially announced the attack immediately after firing the first unmanned aerial vehicles, stating that the UAVs would reach Israeli airspace after 7-8 hours.

Even before the attack vehicles reached Israel, he made a tragicomic statement saying, “Our operation has achieved its goal and has ended.”

99% of these UAVs and missiles were destroyed by the USA and the UK before they reached Israel, and the few drones that entered Israeli airspace crashed in empty lands. Thus, the first act of the match between Iran, the USA and Israel ended.

With this move, Iran made a so-called retaliation and satisfied both its own domestic public and the militia groups under its tutelage.

Netanyahu has strengthened his shaky position more than before, concealed the ongoing genocide in Gaza, and has re-entered solidarity with the western countries with which he has been experiencing tensions in recent days.

After this move by Iran, which was carried out solely for its own interests, Muslim civilians suffered the greatest damage, as in the previous ones. What happened again happened to civilians in Gaza.

In this incident, we saw that Iran turned a blind eye and was instrumental in the murder of thousands of civilians, including children and women, for the sake of its own interests.

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