Today, it is not possible for any state to shape even the geographies that are very close to it alone. Today, even the USA cannot manage the Pacific, the Gulf and the Middle East the way it wants.

Europe cannot even manage its own problems, let alone playing an active role in the developments in the world.

In all this chaos, Turkey; As a strategic bridge between Asia, Europe and the Middle East, it is the most important geopolitical country. It is an indisputable fact that the USA and the EU cannot have a Middle East, Caucasus, Balkans and Russia policy without Turkey.

The border neighbors of Turkey, which has an important place in many aspects in the changing world, have also changed. Our neighbors are no longer Greece, Bulgaria, Syria, Iraq, Georgia, Armenia. They were replaced by the USA, Russia and partially the European Union in our east, west, north and south. Of our former neighbors, only Iran retains its place. Therefore, Turkey should be much more careful, much more united and stronger.

Turkey for the World in the Ukraine-Russia War

Same I and II. As it happened many times as a result of important events such as the World Wars, the Russia-Ukraine war seriously affected Turkey as well as the whole world.

In addition to the negative effects of the war in many areas, the peaceful and balanced foreign policy pursued by Turkey in this process was effective in its re-entry into the world agenda.

At this point, Turkey’s efforts, including the call for restraint from the very beginning of the problem, keeping an equal distance to both countries, not being included in the sanctions against Russia, and the policies it has followed to open humanitarian corridors, are not only for the region but also for the whole world. is extremely important. This situation has brought Turkey to a new era, especially in international relations.

Turkey’s role as a mediator and guarantor, as well as the fact that millions of tons of grain in Ukraine are served to the world with Turkey’s efforts and organization is proof of the importance of Turkey’s strategic position, which is becoming more and more important in the region and in the world.

As a result, it would not be wrong to say that a new page has been opened for Turkey when we look at the reflections of the balance and neutrality role that Turkey has followed in the region with the Russia-Ukraine war in the international public opinion.

Turkey is a Very Important Actor for the Whole World

Due to its location, Turkey has to deal with the strategic balances in the Black Sea, the Caucasus, the Mediterranean, the north of Africa and the Middle East much more than its new neighbors Europe, Russia and the USA. Today, the world is witnessing the problems caused by global powers. As seen in the latest developments, a serious strategic gap has emerged in the regions mentioned above after the Turkish domination ended. After the Seljuks and then the Ottomans, an absolute sovereign power could not exist in the region, and those who partially dominated could not or did not want to bring peace and justice to the region.

Turkey is an important power that should not be ignored not only in the Middle East, but also in the Balkans, Caucasus, Black Sea, Mediterranean and Central Asia. As a matter of fact, the outstanding success of the Turkish State in the Euphrates Shield, then the Olive Branch and then the Peace Spring operations, followed by its strong presence and active role in Libya and the Caucasus, once again proved Turkey’s power and its importance in the political arena to the whole world.

History has shown us that strategic location determines the destiny of a country and therefore a nation. The Turkish state must also be aware of this.

The term regional power is insufficient for Turkey. Because Turkey is a power in all the regions around it. No country other than the USA has a role in different geographies as much as Turkey.

History Calls Turkey

Turkey, especially in the last period, within the scope of its changing and developing new policy, follows the provinces of the Ottoman Empire, of which it is the heir, and the regions that are the natural extensions of the current Turkish state, with the awareness of its historical responsibilities and with a strong motivation in terms of national security.

Turkey is neither a bridge nor a buffer country. Turkey is an important actor.


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