Triangle of Evil Established in Karabakh: Iran-Armenia-Pkk

As an association, we brought the Voma terrorist organization to the agenda for the first time in August 2021 and warned that this organization might pose a danger in the future. By not giving up on its historical habits, Armenia created a new armed terrorist organization named Voma with the guidance and support of global powers. The head of the terrorist organization Voma, which is an abbreviated form of the Armenian words meaning “the art of survival” (VoxjMnaluArvest), is Vladimir Vartanov, a Russian citizen of Armenian origin, born in 1965. Receiving intense support from PKK and ASALA terrorist organizations, the organization also recruited militants from Europe and the Middle East, and recently improved its relations with Iran in terms of personnel, finance and logistics.

As the tension between Azerbaijan and Iran increased as a result of the developments in the region in recent years, Iran, which declared the border security of Armenia as the red line, began to rapidly shift its militia forces to the Karabakh region, which was in vain after the softening in Syria. Thinking that Turkey-Azerbaijan relations have lost their strategic importance due to the active role they play in the region, Iran sent approximately 4 thousand militants to Karabakh, PKK members and Armenians started to act together in the camp belonging to the Voma terrorist organization. At the head of the camp is a terrorist named Vazgen Sisilyan. Sisilyan, a Lebanese Armenian, is the perpetrator of the attack on the Turkish Embassy in Paris in 1981.

The Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office of Azerbaijan has clearly determined that the members of the Voma terrorist organization crossed the internationally recognized national borders of Azerbaijan and came to the city of Khankendi and other occupied regions to fight against Azerbaijan. In addition, it was also recorded that the members of the Voma terrorist organization committed numerous crimes with extreme racist attitudes and hatred, and they also carried out terrorist acts, especially cruelty, against Azerbaijani civilians.

It is against international law that Armenia, which supports terrorism at the state level and makes terrorism one of the main tools of its aggressive policy, recruits mercenaries and terrorists to the ranks of the occupying army.

Iran, which does not want a strong Azerbaijan in its north, very openly supports Armenia in the region. Iran, which does not want the opening of the Zangezur Corridor, which is very important for the Turkish world, is also very uncomfortable with the rapprochement between Turkey and Azerbaijan. Iran, which did not speak out when Azerbaijani lands were under occupation, makes ridiculous statements that the territorial integrity of Armenia is our red line today.

With the propaganda of Great Armenia Begins with us, Voma, which shows the regions belonging to Azerbaijan and Turkey on their own maps, reveals the new threat against the Turkish State with the alliance of PKK/Ypg and Iran. With Voma, we see once again that those who have done everything for the sake of shedding Turkish blood, from the Dashnak-Hinchak gangs to the Asala and PKK terrorist organizations, are still waiting.

While the Turkish massacres in Anatolia and the Caucasus, which started in the 19th century and lasted for nearly a century, are evident, we must be careful against this terrorist structure formed by Turkish hatred on the other side of our border and the dirty Armenian-Iranian-Pkk/Ypg alliance.

As an association, we will continue to follow all kinds of activities carried out against our country, to show our best reaction to these Turkish-Islamic enemies, and to inform the public, wherever they are in the world.

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