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The Truth of Jerusalem and Turkey Again


Jerusalem, arguably the holiest site in the history of the world, is of great importance to each of the three heavenly religions. In addition to christianity and history for the Judas, Jerusalem is a very important place for the future of these two religions. For them, if there is no Jerusalem, it is as if it existed in the future. The future of Christianity and Judaism depends on Jerusalem.

It would be a big mistake to evaluate the developments in Jerusalem in recent years separately from evangelicals, which are increasing their strength and influence in america every day. Evangelicalism is a sect of extremist-radical Christians who come out of Protestantism. Although this sect has little activity in Europe, it appeals to a very crowded audience in America. In fact, it would be a misassessment to say that the influence of evangelicals, whose numbers are between 80 and 100 million, were large in Trump’s election as president.

Christians basically don’t like or don’t like Jews. In fact, Martin Luther, the founder of Protestant, describes Jews as one of their three most important enemies. But Christians support a step that would lead to the establishment of a Jewish state in Jerusalem. Because according to Christians, Hz. The arrival of Jesus and the fact that the millennium, which means “1,000 years of earth paradise,” will be in the Jerusalem region, and will be after the Jews establish a state there and rebuild the Temple of Solomon. According to evangelicals, after the state of God is established under the leadership of Jesus Christ, jews will also believe in Jesus Christ and become Christians. Those who do not, they will be accepted as enemies and killed.

Having had a very difficult time in domestic politics, Trump wants to take the Jewish lobby with him because of the Jewish media that has waged war on him in the United States. About 80 percent of the U.S. media is in the hands of Jewish businessmen. Jews control a lot of television, newspapers, magazines, production companies. More than 60 percent of the authors and producers of the most watched television shows are of Jewish descent, and more than 25 percent of journalists who write the highest circulations in newspapers are of Jewish descent. These newspapers and televisions include the New York Times, Washinton Post, The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, Time, ABC, CNN and NBC.

All of these broadcasters say Donald Trump should be resigned from the US Presidency on the grounds that he cooperated with Russia in the election. Trump is using Jerusalem to end this propogand, which has reached alarming levels for himself and to lure the Jewish lobby with him.

Masjid al-Aqsa is the first qibla of Muslims and one of the three holy mosques, and the Prophet Muhammad. The Prophet’s departure to the Masjid al-Aqsa in the Miraç incident makes Jerusalem one of the holiest places in the Islamic world.

During both the pagan Roman period, blood continued to flow in Jerusalem during the time of both Christians and Jews. Peace has come to the most sacred place in the world by Islam and the Turks.

In 638, hz. Omar entered Jerusalem, which is sacred by all three heavenly religions, with humility, not a magnificent ceremony, and visited the Masjid al-Aqsa for the first time in the city and celebrated the holy city of Jerusalem. He prayed at the altar of David.

During seljuk domination, the region had a policy of justice and tolerance for people of all races. Open city policy was being implemented for three members of the blue religion. Since 1098, the days of massacre, torture and exile began for Muslims and Jews, alas with crusader domination. About a century later, in 1187, together with Saladin Eyyubi, peace and peace came to Jerusalem again.

Together with Yavuz Sultan Selim, Jerusalem, which was under Ottoman rule, began to experience its golden age. The names appointed for the rule of Jerusalem under the Ottoman rule were sought. As it is known, the mawlavi-grade reeds were used for high-grade witches in the Ottoman Empire. These high-grade kaditoes were separate from the capital for cities of religious, drinking, strategic importance.

Another indicator of this value can be seen in Ottoman chronics. In these chronicles, the use of the name Jerusalem in conjunction with the sheriff who has the meaning of respectable, honorable, respectable, honest meanings of jerusalem is an indication of the value given.

As long as Jerusalem remained under Ottoman rule, it was ruled within the Ottoman national system. According to the Ottoman national system, Jews and Christians were The People of the Book. Everyone of the three religions had their rights protected separately.

For Jerusalem, which came under British rule in 1917, the jewish chaos would begin, which would now increase rapidly. Since then, the Jewish population in the region has begun to grow rapidly. Israel, which declared its founding in 1948, also declared West Jerusalem its capital. About 700,000 Muslims have been displaced shortly after that. Israel, which defeated Egypt, Jordan and Syria for six days in 1967, took the Sinai Peninsula from Egypt, East Jerusalem from Jordan, and the Golan Heights from Syria. The Oslo Accords of 1993 were adopted by the 1968 agreement. In 1995, a law in the United States recognizing Jerusalem as israel’s capital was adopted, but it was signed by Trump years later for the reasons mentioned above.

Turkey is a Very Important Actor in the Middle East

Turkey, in its position, has to deal with strategic balances in the Middle East, far more than Europe, Russia and the United States. The world is witnessing the problems caused by global powers.  As seen in the latest Jerusalem issue, there is a serious strategic vacuum in the Middle East after the end of Turkish dominance. There was no absolute sovereign power in the region after seljuk and then ottoman, and partly the prevailing ones did not bring peace and justice to the region.

Turkey is an important force not only in the Middle East, but also in the Balkans, the Caucasus and Central Asia. Turkey’s military power is an element to consider for those who want to exist in difficult regions such as the Middle East

History has shown us that the strategic position determines the fate of a country and therefore a nation. The Turkish State must be aware of this. Turkey is the key country in the center of the Mediterranean, Black Sea, Caucasus, Europe and the Middle East regions.

Turkey, which is located in the most strategic region of Middle East geopolitics, is one of the most important players in the geography of these alliance changes, turkey is one of the important players in the policies implemented and implemented in the region. Shows.

For Turkey, the term regional power is inadequate. Because turkey is difficult in all regions around it. No country other than the United States has a role in different geographies as Turkey. Since it is the only country that currently belongs to the Balkans, Caucasus and the Middle East, its multifaceted equilibrium policies are of great importance to both its own and regional security. .

Turkey has become an important actor in the Middle East, including Jerusalem, with its economic, military, political and cultural strength and accumulation.

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