The struggles between Palestinians and Jews in the Palestinian territories began towards the end of the 19th century and continue until today. The founding process of Israel, which has turned Palestine into a bloodbath today, is also full of massacres. Many terrorist organizations took part in this process.

They Settled in Palestine with Terrorist Activities

During the British mandate in Palestine, which started with the end of the First World War, there was intense Jewish immigration to Palestine. At the same time, there has been an increase in the number of Jewish settlements in Palestine due to the passage of laws allowing Jews to buy land in Palestine and companies affiliated with the Zionist movement to operate in Palestine. The protection of these settlements was left to the British soldiers and the guards union (Haşomer), which was established by the British and consisted of Jews. When the Palestinians realized the British Government’s plan in Palestine, they launched small-scale attacks against these foreign entities. Over time, the idea of ​​establishing terrorist organizations to destroy Muslims and accelerate Jewish settlement was rapidly implemented.

As a result, today Israel occupied Palestine. They either massacred or captured the real owners of the region.

New Target Syria

This time, Israel set its sights on Syrian territory. Israel, which came to the point of destroying Palestine as a result of the process that started with land purchases in Palestine years ago, is now implementing the same plan for the north and east of Syria. The Zionist regime has insidiously begun to acquire land in these regions of Syria and has put into effect its plan to destroy especially the Muslim Kurds there. The most important actor in this plan is a terrorist organization, as in the past. This time, by using the PKK/PYD terrorist organization, they will first own the land and then wipe out the Muslim population, especially the Kurds, in the region.

They Will Kill and Deport the Kurds with the Hand of Terrorism (PKK/PYD)

Israeli officials and Mossad agents are coming to the eastern and northern regions of Syria, which are included in the Arzi Mevud map, which clearly shows the Zionists’ invasion plans.

Israeli agents are particularly interested in the Euphrates, Set Tişrin, Çelebiye, Ayn İsa regions, where the Tomb of Suleiman Shah is located, and the surroundings of Karakozak. Those who do not want to sell the land wanted by the Jews are threatened by the PKK terrorist organization and their homes, lands and workplaces are forcibly taken away from them.

Israel, which opened a Mossad-controlled office based in Qamishli, has already purchased 4 thousand hectares of land. Farmhouses, workplaces, residences and many fields were transferred to Israeli individuals by PKK intermediaries.

The Only Salvation of Syrian and Iraqi Kurds is Turkey

It is a fact that for Israel, Kurds are a community as worthless as Palestinians. The Kurds are surely aware of the real intentions of these bloodthirsty Israeli murderers; He has to see that his goal is to massacre the people of the region and enslave the rest. The terrorist organization that subcontracted this bloody project in Syria is preparing the bloodiest and most tragic end in history for the Kurds. When the Zionists achieve their goals, there will not be a single Muslim left in Iraq and Syria.

If the people of the region do not realize that the Turkish State is their only sincere friend and protector and do not start giving full support to Turkey as soon as possible, it is not a very remote possibility that they will fall victim to the herd of murderers.

Savaş Eğilmez, President of the Association for Combating Unfounded Genocide Claims (ASIMED)

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