There is a very strong historical association between Turks and Kurds.

In order to weaken, interrupt and ultimately end the Turkish domination in this region where we are today, where the heart of the world beats, the Turkish-Kurdish brotherhood has been tried to be divided many times throughout history, these people have been tried to be drawn into conflict, but they have never been successful. The only reason for this failure is the very strong historical union between Turks and Kurds. The main reason for the discrimination imposed by the West is to create a new ethnic element that will serve different interests in this region.

The existence of Turks in this geography has never been accepted by the Christian world. The crusades, the rebellions of different ethnic elements, the Armenian project and the pkk project, which were implemented to end the Turkish domination, are no different. All organizations are fed from the same source and apply the same methods. Turks lived together and in peace with Armenians for many years, and Turks had no problems with their Armenian identity. But when the terrorist incidents started with the ideal of Armenia, the Turkish national unity reflex emerged and terror was suppressed, and the idea of Armenia on Turkish soil became a dream.

Turkish State Tradition; It has never compromised on the integrity of the country and public order.

One of the most important benefits of history is that it sheds light on the future. In other words, if you know and interpret historical events well, you can make the most accurate prediction about the future. One of the most important features of Turkish culture is “tolerance”. Throughout history, Turks have established states with very large borders and naturally ruled more than one nation. The basis of this management style has been the tolerance shown to the identity and culture of other societies. But in this state tradition, two things were never compromised. One of them is territorial integrity and the other is public order. Any danger opposing these two has been swiftly and effectively eliminated. In other words, if today’s people read and examine a little history, they can clearly see where today’s terrorist movements will lead.

Muslim-Kurdish Disturbance of Pkk-Pyd-Ypg Terrorist Organizations

The first victims of the terrorist organization PKK, which started in 1973 and was founded in 1978, were the Kurds living in the region. Until 1984, this terrorist organization murdered nearly 250 non-violent Kurdish associations and civil society representatives in the region.

Since 1984, the PKK terrorist organization has killed 5,706 civilians and injured 11,428 civilians.

We can count many incidents, but one of the most memorable attacks was the Pınarcık Village massacre on 20 June 1987. Pınarcık Village, where temporary village guard families live in the Ömerli district of Mardin, was raided by PKK terrorists on 20 June 1987. In the raid, a total of 30 people, 16 of whom were babies and children, and 6 of them women, were brutally murdered. Dozens of other terrorist acts followed the Pınarcık Village Massacre, which targeted civilians.

As our Kurdish citizens understand very well, pkk-pyd-ypg terrorist organizations inflict the greatest harm on the Kurds, whose rights they supposedly defend.

By taking advantage of the recent developments in Syria and Iraq, these terrorist organizations have expanded their sphere of influence, especially in the north of the aforementioned geography.

Using this advantage, they are trying to break the Kurds in the region from Islam with the project they are trying to implement. Because there is a big difference between the view of religion of these terrorist organizations and Islam, to which a large part of the Kurds belong. More precisely, while these organizations are trying to inject atheism into the Kurds in a covert way, the people of the region have been kneaded with Islam for about 1000 years.

Seeing Islam as a great danger to them, pkk-pyd-ypg tries every way to spread Zoroastrianism among these people. While the Pyd terrorist organization allows Zoroastrians to build temples in the regions where it is active, they pressure and even threaten local administrators to be recognized officially and open temples in northern Iraq. They lead organizations for the better recognition and spread of Zoroastrianism, and they propagate Zoroastrianism on social media.

We should never forget this fact; The PKK is a murderous and anti-Islamic terrorist organization, primarily the Kurds, among its victims. It is not necessary to be a citizen of the Republic of Turkey to oppose the PKK terrorist organization, it is enough to be human. As an association, we will continue to work for the protection of the rights and laws of every Turk, wherever they are in the world.

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