The PKK terrorist organization called for local elections, in contradiction with the territorial integrity of Syria, within the scope of its international recognition plan.

So-called Election

He first announced May 30, 2024 as the date for the so-called election that the terrorist organization is trying to hold in the east of the Euphrates. However, this date was later postponed to June 11. The election is planned to be held in Jazeera, Deir ez-Zor, Raqqa, Tabqa, Euphrates, Manbij and Afrin’s Shehba regions.

Kurds and Arabs Reject

Against this; Syrian Kurdish National Council (ENKS) announced that it will boycott the so-called municipal elections. The Syrian Kurdish National Council (ENKS) is an organization founded by 11 opposition Kurdish parties and groups that are against the regime in Syria. The headquarters of the council is located in Erbil, in the Kurdistan Regional Government in northern Iraq. The council, which also has military power, operates under the support of Massoud Barzani.

Muhammed Ismail, general secretary of the Syrian Kurdistan Democratic Party (PDK-S), said, “We do not participate in these elections. In our opinion, this election is not legitimate.” Additionally, other political structures in the region also support the decision to boycott the elections.

Contrary to United Nations Security Council Resolution

The so-called local election call of the PYD/YPG terrorist organization, which is under the control of the USA, does not comply with the UNSC resolution No. 2254, ‘Establishing an urgent ceasefire in Syria and reaching a political solution in the country’. The territorial integrity of Syria is underlined in the resolution adopted in 2015 by the UNSC, of ​​which the USA, England, France, Russia and China are permanent members. There is a call for an immediate ceasefire in Syria and a political solution in the country. It is emphasized that the Syrian people will decide the future of Syria. In other words, with this decision, commitment to Syria’s independence, sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity is declared. In addition, this decision emphasizes that the political solution to the Syrian crisis requires the participation of all Syrian parties and ensuring the territorial integrity of Syria.

Terrorist Organization is a Great Danger to Everyone

The Syrian state has no information about this election to be held on Syrian territory. Kurds and Arabs other than the PKK terrorist organization are also against this election and are therefore under threat from the terrorist organization. PKK is trying to make the world believe that this tyranny that will take place under its control will be a democratic election.

The baby murderer and anti-Kurdish PKK terrorist organization is a subcontractor of a pack of murderers who do not even recognize the right to life to Kurdish beings other than themselves, let alone Turkmens and Arabs. These terrorists killed, plundered and forced the local people to migrate where the so-called election would be held. Those who had to stay were intimidated by pressure and threats. The outcome of an election held in that region under these conditions is already clear.

This so-called election should definitely be prevented

We can summarize this game set up by our so-called ally, the USA, as follows; First, an election will be held, and the PKK terrorist organization will win the election. The election results will create sympathy for the PKK in the western world. Autonomy will be declared in the region through this theater of democracy. One step further, a terrorist state will be established.

Of course, if the Turkish state allows all this.

We must stand against this game as a whole, with its government and opposition. We should not fully support our state and allow this so-called election to happen. This situation is a matter of survival for our state and nation.

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