Chemical Terrorism in Syria


The world public is watching in a state of astonishment that the Barack Obama administration has not put out an expected and effective effort in the Syrian crisis. Although he strongly stated that the use of chemical armed use in Syria would be a red line for him, he also forgot the principles and promises he made in this regard. E

arlier this year, according to the "Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) in The Hague, the Netherlands, the use of chemical weapons continues non-stop, ataturk University said. Department Of Faculty Member Dr. Savaş Eğlmaz, "OPWC; " The use of chemical weapons in syria's civil war has become routine," he says. Three families have died horribly with all their members and their children, yet their baby children, after they were recently shot down by regime forces in the town of Mare near Syria with chemical weapons. According to the OPCW, other terrorist organizations, especially DAIS, obtain chemical weapons very easily and use them without hesitation," Dr. Eğlma
z said, explaining how chemical weapons are supplied: "It was known that

the Assad regime had stockpiles of chemical weapons even before the war. Assad has chemical weapons in stock, as well as facilities capable of producing these weapons with Russian technology. When Libyan leader Gaddafi announced during his rule that he would join the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC), it was a major victory for the George Bush government. However, after gaddafi's rule was overthrown, the rebels' report to the OPCW stated that they found 9.5 tons of mustard gas belonging to Gaddafi, unregistered. But they didn't explain what to do with such large-scale chemical ammunition. And there was no clear follow-up of what they were doing. According to many experts, in the years before 1990, large amounts of chemical weapons were stockpiled in Iraq. Given that a considerable region in Iraq today is in the hands of terrorist organizations, it is not necessary to be very intelligent to conclude that some of the chemical weapons in Iraq are under the control of terrorist organizations. According to opcw reports, the Assad regime has carried out chemical attacks several times and consumed most of its sarin and mustard gas stocks. The resulting chemical ammunition problem was solved by barrel bombs filled with chlorine. Chemical death continued to spew with barrel bombs dropped from helicopters. In March and May 2015, he attacked Idlib with barrel bombs and burned and killed dozens of innocent people. Since the beginning of 2014, the Assad regime has carried out several chemical attacks, slaughtered hundreds of people, and watched this chemical terrorism like a movie in the world. After such intense chemical use under normal circumstances, while the regime's stockins should be finished, continuing its attacks is an indisputable proof that it has reached new chemical sources. The complete end of the war seems to be the only way to prevent the use of chemical weapons. But Russia's direct entry into the war has prolonged the life of the war because of Assad. The United States, which has made no effort to end the war, does not even disclose responsibility, let alone prevent the use of chemical weapons. In addition, the Us-led coalition's attacks on ISIS targets in this country have decreased significantly in recent days, following Russia's S-400 missiles into Syria. Therefore, nato must increase its power in the eastern wing of the alliance in a deterrent manner and narrow Russia's field of action. Otherwise, as Russia's presence and support for Assad continue, the fire of war will never fall. And the suffering and deaths of innocent people in chemical hell will continue to increase.

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