In order to weaken, interrupt and ultimately end the Turkish domination in this region where our country is located and where the heart of the world beats, the Turkish-Kurdish brotherhood has been tried to be divided many times throughout history and these people have been tried to be drawn into conflict, but they have never been successful. The only reason for this failure is the very strong historical unity between Turks and Kurds. The main reason for the Turkish-Kurdish discrimination, especially imposed by the West, is to create a new ethnic element that will serve different interests in this region.

The existence of Turks in this geography has never been accepted by the Christian world. There is no difference between the crusades, the rebellions of various ethnic elements, the Armenian project and the PKK project, which were implemented to end Turkish domination. All organizations are fed from the same source.


Pkk-Pyd-Ypg Terrorist Organizations’ Disturbance against Muslim Kurds

The first victims of the terrorist organization PKK, which dates back to 1973 and was founded in 1978, were the Kurds living in the region. This terrorist organization murdered nearly 250 non-violent Kurdish associations and non-governmental representatives in the region until 1984.

The PKK terrorist organization has caused the death of nearly 6 thousand civilians and the injury of nearly 12 thousand civilians since 1984. As our Kurdish citizens understand very well, PKK-PYD-YPG terrorist organizations inflict the greatest harm on the Kurds, whose rights they so-called defend.

These terrorist organizations have recently expanded their sphere of influence, especially in the north of the geography in question, by taking advantage of the developments in Syria and Iraq.

Using this advantage, they are trying to separate the Kurds in the region from Islam with the project they are trying to implement. Because there is a big difference between the view of religion of these terrorist organizations and Islam, to which the majority of Kurds belong. More precisely, while these organizations are trying to covertly impose atheism on the Kurds, the people of the region have been steeped in Islam for nearly 1000 years.

PKK-PYD-YPG, which sees Islam as a great danger for itself, is trying every way to spread Zoroastrianism among these people. They lead organizations to better recognize and spread Zoroastrianism and make Zoroastrian propaganda through social media.

We should never forget this fact; PKK is a murderous and anti-Islamic terrorist organization whose victims primarily include Kurds. The group most affected by the terrorist activities in the region of the PKK-PYD, which claims to be the representative of the Kurds and has made this accepted by the world public opinion, is the Kurds. The terrorist organization, which acts as a subcontractor of global powers in the region, has caused the death, disability and exile of hundreds of thousands of Kurds.


Pkk-Pyd are different names of the same terrorists

The PKK terrorist organization, which was founded in 1978 by the baby murderer and terrorist leader Abdullah Öcalan with the support and planning of global powers, years later formed the PYD (PYD) in 2003 in order to carry out the activities of the organization in Syria, Iran and Iraq and to wage an armed struggle by popularizing the Apoism ideology among the Kurds settled in Syria. An organization called Democratic Union Party) has formed organizations called PÇDK (Kurdistan Solution Party) in Iraq and PJAK (Kurdistan Free Life Party) in Iran for the same purposes.

Pyd was founded in 2003 under the instructions of PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan.

The name Pyd was mentioned for the first time by Serxwebun, one of the media organs of the terrorist organization PKK, after the 8th general congress of the organization. Osman Öcalan, brother of terrorist leader Abdullah Öcalan, stated that he personally founded PYD in 2003 in order to be more effective in Syria and to support the PKK in terms of logistics and militants, especially in the north of Syria.

Osman Öcalan said, “In 2013, I founded Pyd, like PKK’s Iranian branch Pjak, on Iraqi television Zelal. “And just like Pjak, Pyd also acts in line with the directives of the PKK.” Osman, one of the terrorist ringleaders, continued his words by stating that he and the PKK militant group of 4 people were running the terrorist organization PYD.


Pyd terrorist organization executives admitted their PKK connection.

Salih Müslim, the puppet leader of the PYD, clearly stated his organic ties with the PKK in his interview with the so-called non-governmental organization KurdWatch, based in Germany.

Pyd created its military wing under the name Ypg in 2004. The leaders of the two terrorist organizations PKK and PYD, the symbols they use, and the rags they call flags are exactly the same.


USA Officially Accepted the Pkk-Pyd Connection for the First Time

Today, although the USA does not accept Turkey’s stance on the PYD-PKK relationship, it is clearly stated in the American diplomatic cables published by Wikileaks that the USA was the first to detect the PKK-PYD relationship.

Michael Corbin, who was the US chargé d’affaires in Damascus between 2006 and 2008, clearly revealed the relationship between PKK and PYD in the telegram he sent to Washington on November 8, 2007, with the phrase “top secret”, while informing that the Syrian government had banned the demonstrations in Qamishli.

The telegram is literally as follows;

“Syrian police opened fire on PYD members, the Syrian branch of PKK, who attended the rally organized by PKK in Qamishli on November 2.”

Another cable containing almost the same information was sent on March 29, 2009, by Maura Connely, then US chargé d’affaires in Damascus. In this telegram sent to the US administration, it was clearly and unambiguously stated that PYD was the Syrian branch of PKK.

Charles Hunter, who was first the US mission chief in Damascus and then the consul general in Istanbul, sent his report to the Pentagon in 2009, stating that PYD was the Syrian branch of the PKK and that this was known by all local sources.

The USA, which today acts in line with its interests and does not accept the PKK-Pyd-Ypg relationship, actually officially announced this relationship for the first time almost 15 years ago.

The Turkish State carries out a determined and effective fight alongside the civilian population against all terrorist groups.

The Republic of Türkiye is the most important country fighting terrorism in the region. In order to protect the innocent communities of all races in Syria and Iraq, the Turkish State entered into a great struggle with both PKK-PYD and ISIS at the same time, and especially in the last 5 years, it restricted the movement areas of these organizations and neutralized thousands of their militants.

As a result of Turkey’s honorable struggle, the regions cleared of terrorism were made safe and livable and given to their real owners. The Turkish State continues its fight against terrorist groups in the light of these principles.

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