200 million Euros to Terrorist Organizations

Today, the European continent has turned into a stronghold against Turkey. Many European countries are competing with each other to embrace all kinds of organizations and activities that may be against Turkey. Europe, which is the material and moral base of the so-called banned PKK terrorist organization, has taken the other terrorist organization FETO under protection in recent years, together with its patronage to the Armenian diaspora.

EU countries supported and expanded the PKK against Turkey under the name of a non-governmental organization. PKK associations, offices, media and economic organization in Europe are not stopped by the EU and are supported under the name of cultural aid. The presence of European civil society representatives and politicians at PKK nights makes this work even more immoral. In this respect, the depiction of the PKK as a terrorist organization in EU countries is completely deception.

The PKK/PYD/YPG generates approximately 200 million euros per year through the organizations it organizes under the guise of civil society in Europe.

Every Country Has Its Own PKK

It is not correct to see the PKK/PYD in one piece and to limit it only to the Americanist PKK. The PKK, which determines the line of action without harming the interests of the European states and taking their interests into account, acts like the arms of an octopus, the German PKK, the French PKK, the Belgium, the Netherlands and the Austrian PKK. These terrorists, acting in line with the interests of the states within their borders, are acting against Turkey at the request of those states.

France, who used Armenians to divide our country a century ago, is trying to use the PKK terrorist organization today. The French administration supports not only its country, but also the PKK’s organizing activities in Syria.

The pkk of France hit France this time. They burned Paris down. They injured tens of police officers and looted tens of stores. Although the French administration watches the events with amazement, these actions of the PKK terrorist organization are a natural result of French policy. The snake they fed bit themselves this time. Our advice to the French administration is that these terrorists investigate who carried out these acts. Because someone must be blowing the whistle of this organization. What happened to France today can and will happen in any terrorist-loving European country in the very near future. Europe must come to its senses and stop embracing and supporting terrorist organizations pkk/pyd/ypg and feto. As they did a century ago, their plans will be rubbish and the tongs they use will burn their hands.

We have a proposal to France that will please them and the PKK terrorist organization. France can give the terrorists land in the north-east of its territory, on the border of Belgium, Germany and Switzerland, and live brotherly. We determined this area where the fetöists can also live and sent the map we prepared for them to the President of France, Emmanuel Macron. We send them our best wishes in advance.

Pkk Has More Than 400 Active Branches in Europe

The PKK terrorist organization is represented by a large organization in almost all of Europe and is protected by European states. In this regard, 189 associations and organizations belonging to the PKK/PYD operate in Germany alone.

This terrorist organization is 9 in Austria, 17 in Belgium, 7 in Bulgaria, 16 in Denmark, 5 in Finland, 10 in France, 11 in the Netherlands, 24 in Switzerland, 12 in England, Spain. It is represented by 4 so-called non-governmental organizations in Sweden, 29 in Sweden, 1 in Ireland, 1 in Hungary, 15 in Norway, 6 in Romania and 10 in Greece.

Apart from these, propaganda for the organization is made through 3 TV channels, 29 newspapers and magazines belonging to the terrorist organization in Europe, and the organization collects millions of euros in donations.

With this structure, the European states are almost like the PKK’s coffers, and all the food and all kinds of needs of the terrorist organization are met by the European states.

200 Terrorist Organizations Established

Global powers, II. After World War II, he established nearly 200 terrorist organizations around the world to shape energy resources or strategically important regions in line with their own interests. They caused the death of hundreds of thousands of innocent people and caused millions of refugees to become refugees. Thanks to these terrorist organizations, arms and drug dealers at the service of global powers transferred billions of dollars to the USA and Western countries. Now, PKK/PYD is at the forefront of the terrorist organizations used by Europe. So much so that it allows the AP headquarters in Brussels to become a base for the PKK/PYD, FETO and the Armenian Diaspora.

It is a fact that, as in the past, all terrorist organizations operating against Turkey and receiving huge support from Europe today will be buried in the dustbin of history.

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