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PKK – Armenian Alliance


Both the geography it reigns in and its legacy from history has left our state facing many evils with the same purpose. And it looks like it's going to continue unchanged.

Hammer, a famous historian, refers to the Turks as follows; "Turk is a nation known by the ancient centuries rather than Heredot and the Torah. In simplicity, glory in tranquility, a courage that does not accept domination, a wide love of conquest as far as possible, an infinite attempt ability, the pleasure and habit of fitting the regions to itself rather than complying with the regions, the Turkish nation's centuries-old pleasure and habit in the history of the  Every word of this sentence that the Austrian historian said about the Turks is true. Today, those who run the world have been putting on stage all kinds of games to avoid strengthening this state for centuries, as they are aware of these characteristics. The most despicable of these games is the terrorist events we've been experiencing for a long time. Turks recognized the separatist terrorist organization immediately after the armenian terrorist organization in the history of the Turkish Republic, the youngest states. He was murdered. Subsequent developments have shown that these two organisations actually had a structure that carried out collective work. The establishment goals, objectives and focus they were feeding were the same. Because those who founded and guided these organizations were the same centers.

Asala is estimated to have been founded in Lebanon on January 20, 1975. But it's hard to say it's conclusive information. Its leader is Agop Agopyan. But there is also a variety of speculation about the leader. It's his real name, and even that's unclear.

It's a left-wing organization. It is also claimed to have been established by the USSR. According to this view, Palestinian left factions were used to establish and educate the organization.

Terrorist organizations against Turkey and the Turks were mostly fed from the same sources and cooperating when necessary. On April 8, 1980, the PKK and Asala-terrorist organizations held a joint press conference in Sidon, Lebanon, and issued a declaration against Turkey. However, after this incident attracted a reaction, it was decided to maintain relations in secret. Behind the meeting, on November 9, 1980, the Turkish Consulate General in Strasbourg was attacked and on November 19, 1980, the Rome Turkish Airlines office was attacked, and these actions were jointly taken by the PKK and Asala.

The Asala-pkk joint statement, distributed in Tehran on November 30, 1980, said that "Armenian, Kurdish and Arab peoples must cooperate against imperialism and Turkey in the region". In 1987, an agreement was reached between the PKK and the Armenians, and the following clauses were determined:

  • The Armenians will be involved in training activities within the PKK terrorist organization.
  • The PKK terrorist organization will be paid $5,000 per militant each year.
  • Armenians will be able to participate in small-scale protests.

According to the next agreement on April 18, 1990, the following principles were determined:

the PKK and Asala will go to co-operation in the administration.

The armenians will be intelligence on the actions of the security forces in Turkey.

The land to be obtained after the revolution will be divided equally.

75% of the camping costs will be covered by the Armenians.

The actions will spread to other metropolitan cities in Turkey.

The PKK and Asala had decided to take joint action not only on Turkey, but also in the Caucasus. On May 19-20, 1992, a group of members of a pkk terrorist organization crossed into Armenia from Urumiye, Iran, in three vehicles and fought against Azerbaijani Turks.

In other words, the asala-pkk alliance is nothing new. This collaboration has been very much since the 1980s and is still ongoing.

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