Nowadays, as it has happened several times in the same history, Greece, which has become the plaything of some powers and which, unfortunately for the Greeks, has given the entire territory of the country to America, supports terrorist organizations targeting Turkey with great negligence, jealousy, disapproval and hostility. and continues to embrace them within its borders.

The village settlement called Lavrion is southeast of Athens and about 1 hour away from Athens. Described as a so-called refugee camp by the Greek state, Lavrion is used as a headquarters and camp by terrorist organizations pkk/ypg, dhkp-c, mlkp and feto.

The existence of this terror camp is not a new case. The camp, which has been operating since 1985, is one of the oldest headquarters of the PKK terrorist organization. The Athens administration did not give a positive response to any of the many attempts by the Turkish State to close the camp. Each time, with great shamelessness, he stated that the camp serves refugees and stated that it is not related to terrorists.

Despite Greece’s stern declarations, there is conclusive evidence proving that Lavrion is a terror camp. Confessions of the members of the organization caught, especially the terrorist leader, photos and videos taken from inside the camp and published by internet sites close to the PKK, images and news of the camp in the Greek press clearly reveal that the camp is not a refugee but a terror camp.

The Lavrion terror camp, which consists of 2 blocks and 80 apartments and shelters approximately 500 terrorists, operates in a very systematic way. Terrorist organizations use this camp as a shelter, training and station.

Members of pkk/ypg, dhkp-c, mlkp and feto fleeing from Turkey are sent here. To join the terrorist organization, especially those coming from European countries receive training for 6 months. The terrorists, who received their ideological and organizational training here, also receive their weapons, sabotage and bomb attack training in another camp located approximately 40 km from Lavrion. The terrorist leaders who train in this camp change periodically. All expenses of the camp are covered by organizations within the European Union. The terrorists trained in the camp are given Greek passports and sent to Iraq and Syria.

After the terrorist leader Öcalan was captured, he confessed the truth about the Lavrion terror camp with all his nakedness. Finally, the terrorist Hüsamettin Tanrıkulu, who received training in this camp and was sent to our country to carry out armed and bombing actions, was caught in Istanbul and confessed all the details we told about Lavrion. In addition, Semra Güzel, a supporter of terrorism and HDP supporter, was caught trying to escape from our country to go to this camp.

Although no training is given to the members of the FETÖ in the camp, it is known that the FETÖ members fleeing from Turkey are also sheltered in this camp.

In short, it is very clear that the Lavrion camp serves terrorist organizations operating against Turkey under the name of a refugee camp. Greece is trying to cause trouble for our country with the terrorists it feeds in a great heedlessness. In addition, both the European Union and the USA are absolutely not disturbed by these facts. On the contrary, it gives unconditional support to Greece against Turkey.

As an association, we sent all the facts about the Lavrion terror camp, which is tried to be marketed as a refugee camp to the world public, together with the evidence, to the leading statesmen, politicians, non-governmental organizations and leading media representatives of the USA and Europe via e-mail and demanded that the camp be closed immediately. . In fact, we tried to emphasize that we, as the Turkish public, are aware of everything, while putting the facts that they know in their face once again.

President of the Association for Combating Unfounded Genocide Claims


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