Mass Graves



Dozens of mass graves belonging to Turks massacred by Armenians have been unearthed in erzurum and surrounding areas.

In the Eastern Anatolia Region, where the kahpe Armenian gangs massacred, Prof. Skulls and bones gushing from tombs opened under the supervision of Dr. Enver Host terrified everyone who saw it.

The lies of the Armenians who brought the world to their feet with the slanders of SOYKIRIM were prof. It was refuted by Dr. Enver Host. Hundreds of skeletons belonging to the murdered Turks were removed from a total of 11 mass graves opened in Kars, Igdir and Van, especially Erzurum, and excavations carried out in front of the public, horrified everyone who saw it.THE FIRST OPENED IN IGDIREnver Konukçu and his friends, who first started mass exhumation in 1986, uncovered the tombs of The Turks, who were slaughtered by Armenian gangs in the villages of Oba and Ilıca of Igdir. Excavations expressed in the memories of The First Caucasian Army Commander Kazim Karabekir Pasha, revealing the atrocities experienced in Alaca with all its nudity, in the following time; In 1986, it continued in Cavusoglu Village in Erciş district of Van and in 1988 in Yeşilyayla Village of Erzurum. Enver Konukçu’s eyes of the nations of the world in 1990 Van-Zeve, Kars-Subatan in 1991, Pasinler-Tımar in 1993, Igdir Hakmehmet in 1999, Kars Derecik in 220, Tuzca-Gedikli in 2003 and Erzurum-Tepeköy excavations in 2010, Thousands of cremated, mutilated human bodies were reached. Friends like that, per enemy. The number of countries that recognize Armenian crap has increased to 30. There’s even Lebanon among them. So far, 30 countries have recognized the 1915 Events, dubbed “the Genocide of THE ERMENI, Mukatele, armenian genocide, Armenian Tehciri” by many “bogus” names. Holland was added to the list last. The latest support for Armenians who deceived the world, lies and ift ira came from the Dutch Parliament, and the number of countries supporting Armenian lies reached 30.Countries that officially recognized the events of 1915 as “genocide”, were compiled as follows:URUGUAY: Uruguay became the first country to support the Armenians by the law passed on April 22, 1965, setting a precedent. CYPRUS GREEK CUT: Not only did the Greek Cypriots say “genocide” in 1975, but in April 2017, not accepting the Armenian Genocide was declared a crime. ARJANTİn: The Argentine Senate said on April 22, 1998, that it “condemns all forms of genocide” RUSSIA : The Lower House of Parliament, duma, recognized the Armenian genocide in 1995 and declared April 24a a day of commemoration of genocide victims. CANA DA: Cana da formally recognized it as a ‘genocide’ in a 2004 resolution approved. GREECE: Greec e’s Parliament declared April 24th a “day of commemoration of the Armenian genocide” by a law issued by the Parliament on April 25, 1 996. LEBA NON: Lebanon became the first Muslim Arab country to accept the 1915 events as a ‘genocide’, lebanon decided in 1997. BELGIUM: The upper wing of the parliament in Belgium first recognized the Armenian allegations about the events of 1915 in a decision it made in 1998. Swede n: In 1915, he passed a bill that found genocide against Armenians in Anatolia. Italy: I n Italy, the number of local governments at the level of provinces and cities that recognize and condemn the ‘Armenian Genocide’ is 107. VATİkAN: He first described the events of 1915 as ‘genocide’ in 2000. SWITZERLAN D: The National Assembly of the Swiss Federal Parliament adopted a motion recognizing the Armenian allegations on December 16, 2003. SYRIA:T he Syrian Parliament recognized the armenian genocide allegations after its political relations with Turkey deteriorated. BULGARIA:Pa rliament adopted the resolution, describing the events of 1915 as “mass murder. ” GERMANY : The Armenian Genocide Bill was adopted by the German Federal Assembly.AND OTHERS:Slovenia in 2004, Venezuela in 2005, Litvanla 2009, Poland 2005, Chile 2007, Bolivia 2007, Czech Republic 2009, Austria 2005, Brazil in 2007, Paraguay in 2005, Luxembourg, Netherlands 2018. The number of state legislatures in the United States that recognize the bill is 44.

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