Recently, there have been developments that may lead to a new war in the Caucasus. The Zangezur Corridor is at the center of the great tension in the region.

In November 2020, when the 2nd Karabakh War ended with Azerbaijan’s absolute superiority, the way was opened for the reshaping of the balance of power in the region. One of the most important articles of the agreement signed after the war was a new transportation connection between Azerbaijan and Nakhchivan.

The 43-kilometer distance between Nakhchivan and Azerbaijan is called the Zangezur corridor. With the implementation of the Zangezur corridor, the commercial, logistical and political ties of the Turkish world will be strengthened. Zengezur will be the shining star of both the Turkish World and the region.

Zangezur corridor is in the area of interest of many countries such as Iran, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Russia and Turkey. Recent developments in the region show that some western powers, as well as France and Iran, are engaged in irrational activities to prevent the opening of the Zangezur corridor. Especially France and Iran are placing terrorist groups in the corridor and, together with India, are providing them with weapons and money.

More than 10 Thousand Terrorists in Zangezur Region

10 thousand militants, including PKK terrorists, are deployed on the line starting from Zangilan and extending to Taskesan. Apart from the PKK/YPG terrorist organization, there are also Armenian terrorist groups such as Sasna Tsrer, Voma, Poga, Nor Asala, Bever and Yerkrapa.

Sasna Tsrer, one of these organizations used by the forces that do not want the corridor to be opened, took its name from the Armenian heroic poem The Braves of Sasun. This organization, with its ultra-nationalist ideology, advocates that a greater Armenia should be established. They openly demand the unification of Karabakh with Armenia.

Another organization, VOMA, which means “Art of Survival”, gathers Armenians between the ages of 18-50 and provides armed training. This organization, which first operated in Nagorno-Karabakh, has now settled in the Zangezur region.

Another terrorist organization, POGA (Military Patriotic School), founded with the dream of seizing Karabakh, was also placed in Zangezur as one of the puppets of the forces that wanted the corridor not to be opened.

Nor Asala, which is the continuation of the ASALA terrorist organization, which was founded in Lebanon in 1975 and carried out terrorist activities in many countries such as France, Austria, Greece, Lebanon, Switzerland and the USA and martyred 31 of our diplomats and their relatives, is financed by France and Iran for the Zangezur region. It is another of the terrorist organizations that have been identified.

Two other terrorist groups in the region are Bever and Yerkrapa organizations. One of them, Yerkrapa, was founded in 1993 and carried out many massacres against civilians and prisoners during the occupation of Karabakh. It is estimated that the number of militants of the organization, which initially had 6,000 members, has reached 30 thousand today. The organization, which has taken an active role in Armenia’s domestic politics since the 90s, has branches not only in Armenia but also in almost all regions of Russia, as well as in California (USA) and Marseille (France).

Coins are from France

The wages of these terrorists placed in the Zangezur corridor, which is 12 dollars per day, are covered by France and the Armenian diaspora.

Security sources state that the terrorists and gangs deployed on the Armenia-Azerbaijan border line and the Zangezur area are seriously supported by the PKK terrorist organization.

French and Iranian military experts provide assassination, sabotage, electronic warfare, missile, mine and intelligence training to these terrorists.

Iran Places Its Militias Next to Armenians

When many terrorists were sent to the region, many villages on the Armenian side of the corridor were evacuated. In the evacuated areas, Iran has placed its own militias and continues to do so.

Yerevan admitted that it purchased modern weapon systems from France. India also delivered supersonic long-range cruise missiles to Armenia.

Armenia is on Pawn Duty Again

Armenia, which can be said to be preparing for a new war with the steps it has taken, is fulfilling the instructions it received from France and Iran instead of learning from its defeats and adhering to the agreements. Instead of being a part of peace, Armenia continues its historical habits and becomes the toy of other powers.

If Armenia’s habit of being the toy of these anti-Turkish forces continues, it is certain that the Armenians will suffer a new defeat in a new war and suffer great losses again. It is not possible for Armenia to achieve success against the Azerbaijan-Turkey brotherhood, no matter which states or terrorist groups it allies with.

The Area Must Be Cleaned

In order to reveal the potential of the Zangezur region, which is very important for the Turkish world and many countries, the shadows and uncertainties surrounding it must be eliminated, the region must be cleared of terrorism, and it must be made safe and stable. It is well known by all actors in the region that the Turkish State and sister Azerbaijan have the power and power to carry out this cleaning.

Atatürk University, History Department Lecturer Assoc.Prof.Dr.Savaş Eğilmez

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