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Kremlin's Fancy Puppet in the Middle East Assad


According to journalists and politicians who know Assad well, despite this inevitable end, Esat continues his brutal war with great hope. The only party that doesn't realize this bitter end is Assad himself. Assad's biggest patron, Russia, is also rushing to expand its sphere of influence to get the most out of this complicated situation. Assad's propaganda in this dirty war is one of the most brutal; If the fight in Syria is lost, it is the rhetoric that the Alawite community in the region will face genocide. Assad has expressed this at every opportunity and spreads the propaganda of death through his own media outlets.

He also argues that the western world will prefer itself against ISIS and will remain in power with the support of Russia, Iran and the West. Russia and Iran's moves in the region are also growing in hopes. So how sincere is the Russia and the Assad alliance in this mess? Russia really supports the Assad regime and wants Assad to only go by election? According to Western sources, the head of the Russian military intelligence agency, Igor Sergun, visited Damascus some time before his death and threatened Assad to act on Russian gains and brought him to the point moscow wanted. On the one hand, Moscow is trying to educate Assad in its own way, and on the other hand, the world is trying to convince the public that Russia is the key to resolving the Syrian crisis. All of the negotiations over Syria show that the main point in this conflict is Assad's future.

Each country's agenda has different proposals for a different solution for the Syrian issue. For some, the forced downing of Assad from power will be a sign of success, while for others assad will be an important part of the solution that he voluntarily goes to. According to Putin and other Russian officials, Assad should only go as a result of an election. Of course, russia insists on this issue, but in the short and medium term, he knows very well that there will be no elections in the region, and in this way he plans to keep Assad in power for a while. Assad, however, does not hesitate to blackmail Moscow from time to time. He sees himself as a guarantee of Russia's ambitions in Syria and uses it as a weapon at the point of staying in power. Another claim is that Russia is using the Syrian issue as a bargaining element in the face of the Ukraine problem. The plan reads: "If the West contends to maintain Russia's presence in Syria, Russia will agree to take the necessary steps to reduce tensions around Ukraine." From this point of view, Assad's future and the fate of the regime do not matter very well to Russia.

Until recently, the Kremlin had been indoctriating assad's voluntary and reputable withdrawal. But now assad's fight against isis has risen to the skies, and by lining up big eulogies in this struggle, he has become the biggest proponent of the idea of supporting Assad. Russia's military power in Syria and the significant amount of money it spends are mainly about protecting Moscow's global policies. One of Moscow's most important military goals is to open a new military base near the Turkish border. Therefore, Assad will lose Russia's support at the point where he exits the Moscow line. Russia, which wants to strengthen its hand in future negotiations, is trying to strengthen its military presence in Syria by the day by taking advantage of the ongoing chaos. As the big picture shows, a serious negotiation over Syria is underway, which has not yet been concluded. One of the most important aspects of this negotiation is how and when Assad will fall out of power.

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