The crime of genocide was established by the “United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide”, which was adopted in 1948 and came into force in 1951. Article 2 of this convention lists the acts that constitute the crime of genocide. Accordingly, committed with the aim of destroying, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group;

1- Killing of members of the group.

2- Causing serious physical or mental harm to members of the group.

3- Deliberately changing the living conditions of the group, calculated to eliminate its physical existence, in whole or in part.

4- Taking measures to prevent births within the group.

5- Forced transfer of children belonging to the group to another group

Any of the acts constitutes the crime of genocide.

In Article 3 of the same contract, the actions to be punished are listed as follows;

1- Committing genocide.

2- Collaborating to commit genocide.

3- Directly and publicly inciting genocide.

4- Attempting to commit genocide.

5- Participating in genocide.

The state of Israel has committed all of these crimes against the Palestinian people for years and continues to do so without slowing down. On top of all these brutal acts, they stole the organs of the innocent people they killed and gave Israel to the sick. In this respect, there is genocide and many war crimes that need to be tried and punished.

Even if the crimes before October 7 are put aside, Israel’s actions in the last 88 days include killing the people of Gaza, especially their children and women, inflicting material and moral torture, injuring, bombing civilian settlements, hospitals, schools and refugee camps, and depriving them of basic vital needs. His systematic attacks show that he committed all of these crimes.

Israel’s actions in Palestinian territory are unquestionably genocide and ethnic cleansing in terms of international law.

War crimes committed by Israel in Palestine;

– United Nations Human Rights Council

– United Nations Special Rapporteurs

– Human Rights Watch

– Doctors Without Borders

–             Amnesty International

It has been clearly recorded and accepted by organizations such as and human rights experts.

As the Association for Combating Unfounded Genocide Claims (ASIMED), we have launched a campaign to ban Israel from the Olympic Games to be held in Paris, the capital of France, between 26 July and 11 August, due to the genocide crime it committed against the Palestinian people. Within the scope of this campaign, we started to send the text containing the war crimes committed by Israel and explaining why it should not be in the Olympic organization, which is a symbol of peace, to the International Olympic Committee Presidency. We ask all our citizens to convey their demands for Israel’s ban from the Olympics to the International Olympic Committee’s social media accounts (Olympics). Even if this campaign does not turn out the way we want, we have no doubt that the campaign will attract the attention of the international public. As an association, we will continue to stand by our nation, our state and all the oppressed in the world and against the oppressors.

Savaş Eğilmez, President of the Association for Combating Unfounded Genocide Claims (ASIMED)

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