The beginning of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on February 24 caused a reassessment of the global security environment, especially in the European continent. II. The possibility of the spread of the biggest war in Europe after World War II to other countries of the continent increased security concerns, especially in non-NATO countries.

Wanting to benefit from the security guarantee provided by NATO’s Article 5, Sweden announced its request to join NATO and ended its neutrality policy that it had been following for nearly 200 years.

Turkish State Objections Loudly

The relationship between Turkey and Sweden started to take shape after the tripartite agreement signed between Turkey, Sweden and Finland at the NATO Leaders’ Summit held in Madrid on 28 June 2022, as a result of the mutual expectations being put into a written text and the signatures of the agreement.

The Turkish State, one of the strongest members of NATO, opposes Sweden’s demands with justification and loudly. The main reasons for Turkey’s objection are that this country directly supports Ypg, the Syrian branch of the PKK terrorist organization, as well as hosting members of the terrorist organization and providing military equipment and financial support to the terrorist organization.

For the solution of the problem, Turkey especially wants Sweden to give up the behavior and politics that it thinks endanger its own security, to cut the military and financial support to the PKK terrorist organization and to stop hosting the members of the organization.

Hypocritical Sweden

Within the framework of the signed agreement, the Swedish government promised to fight the terrorist organization PKK’s financial resources and to extradite the terrorists. By following a hypocritical policy, Sweden, on the one hand, makes promises to Turkey about the fight against terrorism, on the other hand, continues to allow the actions of the terrorist organization PKK. After that signature, Pkk action was held in Sweden many times and rallies were held. PKK supporters carried out a despicable action in the capital, Stockholm, and hung a model of our President, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. The supporters of terrorism, who have turned Stockholm into a PKK hotspot like many other European cities, had previously hung a photo of a gun pointed at President Erdogan and a banner with the words ‘Kill Erdogan’ on the building in the city square. After these infamous actions, it was revealed that there was an active account of the Pkk/Ypg terrorist organization in one of Sweden’s largest banks.

Finally, the Swedish newspaper Flamman carried forward the scandals and launched a contest targeting our President with a despicable activity. In addition to the cash prize cartoon contest, this week’s cover of the newspaper featured ‘shameful flag’ and similar insulting expressions, using the Turkish flag instead of the Swedish flag.

The Turkish State and the President are seen as the representatives of the Muslims of the world.

As Turkey gets stronger, the anxious and aggressive attitudes of the western world are increasing day by day. In recent days, western politicians and media elements have been openly making non-innocent and sneaky statements and writing articles in order to have a say in the future of the Turks. With these activities, they are trying to draw a route to the Turkish nation in their minds. But they do not know that Turks with high foresight will certainly do what is necessary for themselves and their historical missions. Power centers in America and Europe are declaring the elections to be held in our country in May this year as the most important election in the world. The Turkish Nation is also aware of this reality and is very careful about it. Because, from the Seljuk State to the present, the Turkish States and the Turkish Nation are the representatives of not only Turks, but also all Muslims and oppressed people in the world, and today the Turks are aware of this situation with each and every one of them.

Cartoon Contest

We, as an association, organize a cartoon competition with the theme of “The Hypocritical Policies of the Swedish Government” about the racist and hypocritical policies of the Swedish government. Applications for the competition, where we will award 3,000 TL for the 1st place, 2,000 TL for the 2nd place, and 1,000 TL for the 3rd place, will end on January 29, 2023. Those who want to participate in the competition can send their drawings to asimedturkiye@outlook.com with their contact information (name-surname, phone number).

All cartoons applying for the competition will be exhibited and all drawings will be sent to the Swedish government and Swedish media.

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