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Arms Smuggler Armenia


In late 2008, due to the illegal arms shipment sparked by Armenia, serious problems were experienced between this country and the United States. Some time ago, Armenia purchased 1,000 anti-tank rockets and 260 heavy machine guns from Bulgaria. At the time, Sargisyan was the Minister of Defense of Armenia, which played a leading role in arms trafficking.

According to The United States' findings, these weapons were sent through Armenia first to Iran and then to Shiite rebels in Iraq. And according to official records, an American soldier was killed and wounded in at least 10 soldiers with these weapons sent by the Armenians. Another claim claim was that the number of soldiers who died and injured was much higher. During his time in Iraq, the United States discovered that a lot of weapons had arrived in this country through Armenia. With each passing day, the equipment contained in the shipment was being seized.

U.S. intelligence sources know all the details of this weapons shipment. According to these sources, RPG-22 Antitank rockets were produced by Bulgarian arms manufacturer Arsenal at the Vazovski Mashinostroitelni Zavodi plant. According to American sources, the weapons came first to Iran and then to Iraq. The agreement on this arms shipment was between Zao Veber, a state-backed company, and Abbas Abdi Asjerd, an Iranian arms dealer. And iran also allegedly financed the money Armenia paid Bulgaria for the weapons. The transfer of money was also made through an Armenian bank.

In this commercial game, where Armenia acts as a subcontractor, it has betrayed the United States, one of its grandfathers, and has not remained loyal to its agreement with Bulgaria as it has done many times in history. Because Sargisyan has given Bulgaria a written guarantee that the weapons will remain in Armenia. These people, who have made betrayal a way of life, sent the weapons to illegal organizations for three cents and killed American soldiers. In the face of American pressure, Sargisyan, who is trying to deny these shipments first, has promised that this situation will not happen again after America declared it would impose enormous sanctions. Sargisyan, who has made official promises to Bulgaria before but does not hold, has been cautiously welcomed by the United States and Armenia has been under strict control over the weapons issue. In other words, he met the betrayal of Armenia in America, just like Persian, Roman, Byzantine, Sasani, Seljuk and Ottoman States. And on the first day America loses its effectiveness, it will be the first blow from the Armenians.

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