Fighting Terrorism is Not Only MIT’s Duty

The “Federal Bureau of Investigation”, commonly known as the FBI, is the law enforcement organization that operates under the responsibility of the US Department of Justice. The FBI is a counter-terrorism, counter-espionage and criminal investigation organization, and has jurisdiction over more than 200 categories of crimes. In short, it is a very well organized security organization. Its basic philosophy is to end terrorist attacks before they begin. But even the FBI could not prevent many attacks, despite the support it received from many organizations and the high technology it used.

A senior retired FBI official stated that the strongest aspect of this organization is not money, personnel or technology, but the strong support they receive from the American public in front of all these elements. Today, the FBI receives serious support from the American press, non-governmental organizations, and therefore the public, especially in the fight against terrorism.

For example, recently, there was a crisis between Apple, one of the most powerful companies in the world, and the FBI. The FBI asked Apple for help in cracking the password of the phone belonging to one of the suspects of the terrorist attack in the city of San Bernardino, Apple executives did not take kindly to this request, and as a result, this case was brought to court.

In public opinion polls, it has been revealed that a large part of the American public finds the Apple company unfair.

The aim of Turkey’s official intelligence organization, the National Intelligence Organization, or MIT, as it is commonly known, is to prevent possible threats against Turkey’s indivisible integrity, constitutional order, existence, independence, security and all elements that make up its national power.

MIT performs a much more difficult task than other foreign intelligence agencies, especially the FBI, due to its geographical location. The biggest supporter of this institution, which is trying to work in a country that is at the very center of a troubled geography, where millions of refugees live, where more than one serious threat is lurking, and which is the target of almost all known terrorist organizations and global powers, should undoubtedly be the whole of Turkey, with all its official and civilian institutions.

But unfortunately, both abroad and at home, some parallel and subcontracted groups operate at every opportunity to wear down our intelligence agency and damage its reputation, with the power of the press they have.

The fight against terrorism is not only the task of MIT or other security forces. The fight against terrorism is the duty of every individual and every institution living in this country. While our security forces are fighting the bloody terrorists in a candid way, we, together with our politicians, academics, and media, are in this struggle as a whole, and we need to make every effort against those who support terrorism and those who try to tarnish the future of our country.

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