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Europe's Only Way out is "Turkey"


About 10 years ago, Turkey implemented a new foreign policy strategy with the slogan "Zero problem with neighbors", Dr. Savaş Eğlmaz noted, "This situation is considered a very positive approach and even if it is met with appreciation by many circles, to Turkey The events that have developed within the neighboring territory and the hostile attitudes of some neighboring countries towards Turkey have not allowed turkey to continue its zero-problem policy that it wants to implement. The events that have evolving and the current conditions that dominate the region have plunged Turkey into great chaos as of today. The civil war in Iraq and Suryi, the emergence of DAESH, the cyprus issue, the Armenian issue and the ongoing dispute, the multi-pronged relations with Greece, the ongoing unstable situation in Lebanon, the PKK terrorist organization and its political and sociological turmoil, political and sociological turmoil, which is the result of the chaotic situation that the political extension wants to create within the country, the activities of the structures organized by parallel structure to capture the basic dynamics of the country, to challenge the Turkish State are the main ones in the obvious a

nd very risky situations that set the ground," he said. Ataturk University, History Department Professor Dr. War, who stated that the plane crisis with Russia and subsequent reciprocal restructurings caused a new and very risky crisis for Turkey while fighting all this. Eğlmaz, said:"T

he current situation in Syria would ultimately bring Ankara and Moscow to face each other. Indeed, this dangerous rapprochement resulted in the downing of the Russian plane by Turkish warplanes. Russia will continue to face Turkey as long as it is looking for a door to the Mediterranean on Syrian territory. Under all these conditions, today Turkey and the West have to make a geopolitical and vital election. Ankara will either continue to strive to become a member of the European Union and become the custodian of the eastern wing of the transatlantic, or the disappointment suffered by europe's bias edifies in return for their efforts, and it is very difficult to deal with. while struggling with the influx, fighting the Assad regime, he will turn his face in the other direction because of the attitude of the United States, which has left him wrong. Turkey, with a population of about 80 million, an economy growing in different fields and having success in the top 20 in the world, with good infrastructure and industrial capacity, should be considered by the second largest army of the North Atlantic Pact. is a country that cannot be ignored. The United States must be with Turkey, which is an important part of Europe and NATO, with all its power in no time. The contrary to this, i.e. leaving itself in the face of turkey's problems, would be a very big jeoplitic mistake for the United States and the West. Turkey is a key country for Europe, especially in terms of energy and security. Turkey, which has been surrounded by energy producers on four sides, is the only way out that Europe can get rid of the Russian monopoly and energy pressure. Europe's only way out of the refugee influx, where they fear greatly, will again pass its agreement with Turkey. The front line in Syria, which has become a fighting area of global powers, is the border with Turkey. For this reason, NATO must stand effectively and decisively alongside the Turkish giant and support Turkey. Measures should be taken to limit air traffic. In fact, Turkish airspace and borders, which are NATO's airspace and borders, should be effectively protected.

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