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Dear Arab and Kurdish Brother


The Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) together with the Syrian National Army, the Peace Spring Operation against the terrorist group PKK/YPG in northern Syria continues with rapid and great success.

First the Euphrates Shield, then the Olive Branch and now the Peace Spring operations both clean up terrorism in the region and bring peace to the people of the region. While the Turkish State's operations are clearing terrorism on the one hand, it puts the interests of the people of the region at the forefront by ending the imperialist politics that global states are trying to establish on the region.

We, as the Association for the Fight Against Unsubstantiated Genocide Allegations, are not ably reinforerating with all our Arab and Fur brothers in the Middle East, especially those who live in the north of Syria, explaining what Operation Peace Spring means and turkey's presence in the region, or we wrote a letter reminding me.

This letter, which we have written in 6 languages, is to the United Nations Mission to Syria and Iraq, to the United Nations Secretary General, to the United Nations International Independent Syria Research Commission, to the Syrian Network for Human Rights, We continue to send it to the National Committee on the Rights of children, especially to the world's leading media outlets and non-governmental organizations with offices in the region.

We also wanted to share our letter with the Turkish Public, in which we describe the facts that have been kneaded for 1000 years in the geography and history of the region:

Dear Brother

Turkey Means….

  • It means your children aren't abducted by bloody terrorists and not forcibly detained
  • It means your kids can't make a live bomb.
  • It means your children have guns in their hands, bombs on them, not in the mountains, not in their caves, but in pencil schools, living with their families.
  • It means your children don't die from ordinary, seasonal simple diseases.
  • It means your kids can't get used to drugs and run in the drug trade.
  • It means your organs can't be bought and sold in Israel and the west.
  • It means your family union doesn't fall apart, your assets shouldn't be looted.
  • It means you're not subjected to torture and rape.
  • It means living together and freely, not in captivity in your village, county, city
  • Getting the health care that one deserves means having fun in social spaces.
  • A strong and reliable friend means
  • Justice means
  • Peace means
  • LIFE means
  • Stand by Turkey in your regions and support the Turkish State. Because as Turkey wins, humanity and peace will win, and terrorism will disappear as Turkey wins.

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