The baby killer and separatist terrorist organization pkk, which does not give the right to life to anyone but itself, showed its bloody face once again in the attack on Istiklal Street, in which 6 people lost their lives and 81 people were injured. The attack, in which children and women lost their lives, once again reminded of the civilian massacres carried out by the terrorist organization in the past.

The organization, which oppressed rural citizens and even forced them to migrate, with its bloody attacks in Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia in the first years of its establishment, after a while, turned to city centers to create an atmosphere of fear and panic throughout the country.

Purpose of the Terrorist Organization

Like every terrorist organization, PKK frequently carries out terrorist acts against civilian targets. The purpose of terrorist organizations attacking civilian targets is to create a state of insecurity throughout the country, to put the society in an atmosphere of fear and panic, to put pressure on policy makers, and to achieve their political goals by making them accept their political goals.

The separatist terrorist organization PKK also chooses civilian targets to show power in the so-called geographical region it claims. The PKK terrorist organization targets especially Kurdish citizens in the eastern and southeastern regions of Turkey, and tries to gain allegiance by killing the Kurds, who are among the political formations it sees as rivals and who are not subject to it, by spreading fear.

Organization Losing Mobility

Finally, one of the reasons for the PKK to turn to civilian targets is that the organization has become afraid to even breathe with the terror policy implemented by the Turkish State, especially in the country and abroad in recent years. From Afrin to Tel Abyad, from Haftanin to Hakurk, the PKK, which was helpless against the Turkish army outside of Turkey, also lost its capacity to engage in armed conflict within Turkey, and had to choose defenseless citizens as the only target it could attack. For this reason, the PKK’s recent attacks are aimed at civilian targets not only in Turkey but also in the safe zones created by Turkey in Syria.

The PKK terrorist organization added the bomb attacks it carried out in the city centers in the 1990s to the frequent village raids it carried out in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The following events can be listed as prominent examples of this type of action, which was widely carried out in touristic regions and city centers in the 1990s:

  • On May 22, 2007, 9 people lost their lives and more than 100 people were injured in the suicide bomb attack in Ankara’s Anafartalar Bazaar.
  • On July 27, 2008, 18 people, 5 of them children, were killed and 154 people were injured as a result of the explosion of 2 bombs dropped by the PKK on Menderes Street in Istanbul Güngören, 10 minutes apart.
  • On March 13, 2016, 36 people lost their lives in the attack carried out by PKK terrorists near Ankara Güvenpark.
  • On 10 December 2016, the terrorist organization attacked this time in Beşiktaş, and in the attack carried out by 2 suicide bombers, 39 security personnel and 7 civilians were martyred, while 166 people were injured.

Those Who Embrace the Terrorist Organization

While all segments of society, from political parties to professional organizations, condemn terrorist organizations targeting their country, Turkey sets an exceptional example in this respect. In Turkey, both various professional organizations and some political parties, aside from condemning the relentless terror after the PKK’s terrorist acts, are glossing over the terrorist acts with vague expressions such as expressing their sadness after a natural disaster. can evaluate the terrorist organization on the same basis.

Diyarbakır Mothers, the strongest civil initiative ever against terrorism in Turkey, is ignored by many political parties and non-governmental organizations. Although Turkey has developed its capacity to provide security in the fight against terrorism, a clear and strong social and political stance that supports security measures against terrorism and rejects terrorism altogether is an equally important form of struggle.

Civilians Slaughtered by the Organization

Since 1984, the PKK terrorist organization has killed 5,706 civilians and injured 11,428 civilians. The number of neutralized militants of the PKK terrorist organization has exceeded 44 thousand.



The Turkish State Will Not Stop

Recent developments in the region have shown once again that Turkey is the only country that truly fights against terrorist organizations and makes all kinds of sacrifices to ensure the safety of innocent civilians. The Turkish State will never give up and will not stop this struggle. The Turkish State will not allow any structure, alliance or action that will threaten its security in regions close to its borders and with historical heritage.

Regardless of our political views, it is a vital responsibility for each of us to stand by the Turkish State in the fight against terrorism.

Massacre Album

As an association, we have created a 65-page album about the massacres carried out by the pkk/ypg/pyd terrorist organization against civilians, both in Turkey, Syria and Iraq. We tried to explain once again how the PKK is a bloody terrorist organization by sending this album, which we translated into 4 languages, to the leading political formations, media representatives and non-governmental organizations in Europe and America.

President of the Association for Combating Unfounded Genocide Allegations (ASIMED)



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