Karabakh Clan and Armenia

With the counterattack of the Azerbaijani army against the Armenian occupation in September 2020, a new status quo has emerged in the South Caucasus.

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Sweden’s Tragic PKK Love

Russia's invasion of Ukraine on February 24 caused a reevaluation of the global security environment, especially in the European continent. II. The po

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By ending Armenia's occupation of Karabakh, which lasted for nearly 30 years, in a short period of 44 days, Azerbaijan liberated its captive lands. Ar

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Mass Graves

MELTS SLAUGHTERED TURKSDozens of mass graves belonging to Turks massacred by Armenians have been unearthed in erzurum and surrounding areas.

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Russia Arms Armenia

Dr. Savaş Eğlmaz, Professor of History at Ataturk University, said that military relations between Russia and Armenia have begun to gain rapid momen

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