The Issue of Armenian Women and Children in Turkey (1915-1923)

Armenian women and children issues in Turkey (1915-1923imsesiz Armenian women and children in the protection aspects of work carried out by the Turkish authorities and the period 1915-1923 the Western missionary organizations reveals the domestic and foreign sources of light. Millions of civilians were damaged, distributed and at a time when dead As it is included in the work that foreign missions are actually a chance for Armenian women and their children, the practices of Turkish administrations in this regard are clearly demonstrated for the first time.The study brings together a researcher and readers with a subject that is talked about with these aspects.

Author:Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Ethem ATNUR
Print Place :Ankara
Date of Publication :2005

The Armenian Problem with Turkish-German Archive Documents and Germany

In this work, Turkish and German sources are included and the subject is viewed in a versatile way, not unilaterally. In order to make an objective assessment on this subject, main sources were accessed as much as possible. In addition to Turkish and German archive documents, other domestic and foreign publications were also used. Other secondary sources, primarily archive documents, were compared with each other, and the perspective of Germany on the Armenian problem was tried to be evaluated from date to date.

Author: Prof. Dr. Selami KILIÇ
Print Place :Ankara
Date of Publication :2015