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Armenian Diaspora


The Armenian diaspora carries out its activities all over the world on Turkish hostility. Turkish hostility is the focus of every organization they do in the very wide areas of activity. They operate in many fields, from cinema to theatre, books, magazines, from art to sports. And they're definitely putting an Armenian issue in it all. Through such organizations, they are genocide against the people they reach. As a result, they have formed a strong public opinion in their favor.

The second leg of their work focuses on Armenians, especially Armenian youthand children. With the youth camps they create, they indoctrine armenian youth in their own words, so they destroy their brains and provide financial support for the diaspora. This summer's camps include social and cultural activities, as well as brainwashing sessions that enhance and deepen Turkish hostility. The strongest and most popular of these camps is Camp Haiastan (camphaiastan), in the state of Massachusetts, United States of America.

Armenian children and young people aged 5 years and older attend the camp, which usually operates in July and August. Participants are charged starting at $395 based on duration and activity areas. The area of camp activities that vary according to the groups is the section named Hai Tadh ( Armenian Case), which is fixed for each group. In this camp category, the so-called genocide is spoken and the things to do for this case are explained, in short, young people participating in the camp are indoctrine. Discussions and debates are also held among older young people under the supervision of experts. When the camp ended, the young people who were involved were now fully believed in the so-called genocide and became turkish enemy individuals. For example, in 2011, the young people who participated in this camp had their views on the Armenian issue;

  1. Both money and land should be taken from Turkey as the so-called genocide compensation. With the land to be taken, it will be easier for Armenia to open up to the seas. Thus, it will be more easily integrated with the world.
  2. Armenians must settle in the newly taken land with their faces. The lack of population here should also be addressed by the diaspora coming and settling into new lands.
  3. For Armenian identity, the so-called genocide is more important than Christianity. Associations established and developed due to the so-called genocide helped us to come together as Armenians and protect our Armenian identity.
  4. The diaspora should check the compensation from Turkey. Because armenians within the diaspora are more resourceful than those living in Armenia.

As you can see, the diaspora raises its young people in this way. We have to turn to these kinds of organizations. But we need to steer our young people to an enemy-oriented position against another nation. But whatever the truth is, we need to tell them one by one who's doing what. As an association, we will continue to follow all kinds of activities carried out by the diaspora against our country very closely and inform our citizens.

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