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30 Years Prepared 3 Hours They Couldn't Rejoice


As we see what happened in Iraq and Syria, i wonder if the Republic of Turkey can do the same? Dr. War Eğlmaz, who noted that they are starting to make deep plans, said:

"And first of all, media groups and treacherous pens began to write articles because Turkey is in danger of falling in Syria at any moment.

"They've Won Positions with Stolen Problems"

In the judiciary and tsk, they strengthened their hands with the power of the positions they earned with stolen questions and paved the way for the terrorists they placed in these institutions. They organized December 17-25 and tried to overthrow the government, tried to put our country in a very difficult position, especially on the international platform, with the piggy bank they set up through mit trucks. But they couldn't come to any conclusions. Especially on December 17-25, the strong will of our President, who has received the support of his people in the mit trucks plots, was the most important reason for fetö's failure. As a result, this herd, which never really knew the Turkish nation and its state, introduced a global plan to eliminate this Turkish-Islamic state on July 15th. In the end, they were in a great defeat and deciphered a significant portion of their den. Many articles may be listed as to why the plan to captive our country and our nation has failed in the global coup attempt they are trying to carry out on July 15th. But the most important reason is the existence of a culture, social structure and faith that will never accept this initiative. The mistake of analogying Turks with other rights of the Middle East was the biggest mistake of this charlatan and its terrorists, called FETÖ. Today, the free life dreamed of the Middle East world, and the Turks have been living for thousands of years."

Dr. Savaş Eğlmaz stated that they cannot divide the Turkish nation into classes, saying, "In Turkish society, the individual has been equipped with individual law and has an economically free life order for thousands of years. This is a very important application. A Byzantine in the capital of Attila in the European Huns wrote that, despite the oppression of man and oppressed by law, all people are free and living fearlessly on Turkish soil. Slaves in China were fleeing to the land of Asia Hun, which they called a land of freedom. The family, which is the core of society in the Turks, had such a strong atmosphere of freedom that every family was like an ngo in itself. The main characteristics of Turkish culture also helped develop the principles of justice equality and respect for people. Although FETÖ and its avenes have been trying to group the Turkish nation for years, sources say that turks have a classless society structure, that the difference in wealth and position does not make a difference in society, and that the nobleness of the lineage has never been mentioned. of the world. In strong Turkish states, everyone could rise to various authorities according to their ability and their ability to do so. Since Turkish communities are more politically qualified and do not carry religious characters, clergy have not officially created a privileged class.

Strong Leader, Strong Nation

Turkish States is a political institution that is realized with the efforts and contribution of large masses of people collaborating with the rulers. It was the nation itself that established the state under the leadership of a powerful leader. It is almost impossible to victimize Turks when he has a strong leader. Although actors and management have changed, the Republic of Turkey has roughly the same basic characteristics. The nation itself has established this state and the person he believes in is led by Our President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. For these reasons, neither Syria nor Iraq nor Egypt will be from the Republic of Turkey. It would be a beautiful model for a wide geography, especially in the Middle East. As long as we can see our own potential," he said.

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